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Season 7, Episode 4: The Second Double Chin

For this episode, Tony and Kevin let the listeners know that their number—of chins, at least—may be going up faster than anticipated. The episode’s segments fit neatly under all those extra double chins, taking advantage of those overlapping flaps we citizens of the New America have so carefully nourished.

First, the adjunct faculty of Mafiadom, Aidan and Largo, wait for a bus to meet a new client, but they are mysteriously abducted by a suburban family of three. Next, Bogdan Krasplasian, minor Bulgarian Communist Party functionary, is rewarded with a trip to a Moscow candy factory after he successfully denounces and betrays a comrade in his re-education camp. Still, as Bogdan and his friend Nicolai discover, there are always Authorities of whom to go Afoul. After that we meet a new sponsor, “Big Nell’s Lawn-mowing Service.” On work release from prison, Big Nell makes lawn-mowing and landscaping a project for the entire family! Finally, we introduce a new segment, “Aunt Zelda Comes for a Visit.” Pull down the shades and hide, everyone!  

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