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Season 8, Episode 5: Don't Use French Paint!

To explain the title, this episode digs deeply into the sodden, oil-soaked ground of international commerce.  The new, Vichy America’s current plan to seize Greenland has been temporarily thwarted, keeping us all from the oil derricks and golf courses our President needs.  Who’s standing in the way, besides Denmark and Greenland?  The French, that’s who.  What can we, as loyal servants of Vichy America do?  Well, we can refuse to use French paint, which runs and clogs our pores when we paint ourselves.  Instead, let’s buy Russian paint, because we need to curry favor every way we can.  “Accommodate and submit” posters will be coming to a neighborhood near you.  Oh, and the episode segments—we almost forgot! First, it’s the eighth (8th) installment of “Heaving bosoms,” with more romantic trauma on the Yorkshire moors of the late 19th century, and the introduction of insidious new characters.  That’s followed up by “The Museum of Ventilation, an interview with Fester Masters, a giddy celebrant of fans, ductwork, and crawl spaces.  Finally, Betty and Bibi Bunch provide refreshment way stations for immigrants crossing our southern border.  When will Betty and Bibi be released from ICE detention?  Find out in Season 278, episode 19, of Men in Charge!

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