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Season 8, Episode 4: Why Aren't You in Church?

After warning the Listener about having missed Church (or temple, mosque, tabernacle, House of Sunday Guns) and shirking one’s sacerdotal duties, Tony and Kevin move briskly into the episode.  First, we return to the Yorkshire moors of the late 19th century for “Heaving Bosoms,” featuring heroines rebelling against the metanarrative, a drunken chicken, the sexagenarian Crone’s pregnancy, and the dangerous new milkmaid, Helga von Stricter.  Next, the 6th chapter of “The Adventures of SkyHighMan” takes our eponymous hero, Wendy Henderson / SkyHighman, to the office of his lawyer, Richard J. Gharlick, where Gharlick’s daughter Tabitha becomes baldly predatory at the prospect of Wendy’s millions.  Then, in “Spot the Salesdog,” a black Labrador retriever named Spot straps on his human-speech collar to sell used cars, using special skills like riding with his tongue-lolling head out the window, and peeing on tires. Finally, we take a stroll with “The Census Takers,” who visit an old man in the new, Vichy America to see if he’s a citizen and white enough to be counted.  They could call on you next, Listener!

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