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Inland Journal, October 11, 2018

19 hours ago

This week on Inland Journal (10/11/18; Thursday at noon on KPBX; Thursday at 3 pm on KSFC):        
    ▪    We’ll meet Dave Wilson and Jenny Graham, the two candidates in a race for a Washington Sixth Legislative House seat.
    ▪    We’ll have profiles of Brad Little and Paulette Jordan, the two candidates in the Idaho governor’s race.  
    ▪    We’ll hear how Gonzaga University is responding to a planned visit by anti-gay protesters from Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church.
    ▪    And we’ll go to Kellogg, where crews are updating the system for collecting polluted water from the Bunker Hill mine and cleaning up.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

In Kellogg, Idaho, the construction season is wrapping up on a big project whose goal is to greatly reduce the amount of pollution that makes its way into the south fork of the Coeur d’Alene River.

Rod Zion is overseeing the project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He says it has three parts. First, crews are adding capacity to that huge earthen berm you see from Interstate 90 as you drive near Kellogg. Second, they’re building an underground wall that will run along the freeway. And third, they’re adding new technology a water treatment plant that’s 45 years old and way overdue for an update.

Gonzaga Reacts To Church Protesters

19 hours ago
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Today [Thursday], members of the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Kansas, plan to picket near Gonzaga University. The church is known for its protests around the nation, picketing funerals of military members who are killed overseas, among other things. According to a letter from President Thayne McCulloh to the Gonzaga campus community this week, the group planned to target people who are part of Spokane’s LGBTQ community and people in military service.

Paulette Jordan

Idaho is one of the reddest and the whitest states in our country, but change could be in the air this November.  It’s a long shot, but Democrat Paulette Jordan could become the state’s first female governor and the country’s first Native American.  

Boise State Public Radio

Idaho’s gubernatorial election will be historic no matter who wins. On one side potentially-  Idaho’s first female governor -- and the nation’s first Native American. On the other, Republican Brad Little who even his supporters call … low key. But he is a traditional conservative running in a traditionally conservative state.

Dave Wilson/Jenny Graham

The Sixth Legislative District in Spokane will have some changes in its representation next year. It starts in the Senate, where Republican Michael Baumgartner is vacating his seat. Republican Representative Jeff Holy wants to replace him. That means Holy is also vacating his seat. Today, we’ll hear from the two candidates who want to replace Holy in the state House: Republican Jenny Graham and Democrat Dave Wilson.

Inland Journal, October 4, 2018

Oct 4, 2018

This week on Inland Journal (10/4/18; Thursday at noon on KPBX; Thursday at 3 pm on KSFC):        
    ▪        We’ll look at the two races in Spokane’s Sixth Legislative District. We’ll meet state Senate candidates Jeff Holy and Jessa Lewis and state House candidates Kay Murano and Mike Volz.
    ▪        We’ll profile the candidates in a state House race in Spokane’s Third Legislative District between Timm Ormsby and Dave Lucas.
    ▪        We’ll hear about Washington’s Initiative 1639, billed as a gun safety initiative.

Timm Ormsby and Dave Lucas

And now to Spokane’s Third Legislative District, where longtime Spokane state legislator Timm Ormsby faces a challenge from south Spokane neighborhood leader Dave Lucas.
Dave Lucas is a retired Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired as a lieutenant colonel. In 2013, he and his family moved to Spokane.

“In the Marine Corps, when you move somewhere, as soon as you pull in and the moving trucks start unloading, the neighbors just descend on you with welcoming, gifts, points of contact, suggestions. When I moved in the neighborhood, we didn’t really have that,” Lucas said.

Kay Murano and Mike Volz

Sixth District Republican Representative Mike Volz is running for a second term in Olympia. His day job is as chief deputy treasurer in Spokane County. Even though he’s a financial professional, he says education is the reason he first ran.

“My wife’s a teacher, my dad was a teacher. He was a union rep for public school employees. My mom was a teacher,” Volz said.

Jeff Holy and Jessa Lewis

In Washington's Sixth Legislative District, which covers much of south, west and north Spokane, the incumbent senator, Michael Baumgartner, is vacating his seat to run for Spokane County treasurer. That has set up a state Senate race that features a Spokane state representative and a health care advocate.