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North Idaho ski resort to open for Memorial Day weekend

Courtesy of Bob Legasa

Silver Mountain postpones the start of mountain biking season for a week.

Here’s something you don’t hear every year: the Inland Northwest will have skiing on Memorial Day weekend.

Gus Colburn from Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho says the resort will postpone the planned beginning of its mountain biking season for a week to welcome skiers for one more weekend.

“We’ve actually been getting snow pretty much this whole spring. We’ve been waiting for it to melt so we could open up for biking, but, you know, the snow just kept piling up so we thought, why not, we’ll open up for Memorial Day skiing," he said.

The resort will operate two chairlifts on Saturday through Monday with about 48 inches of snow on the ground. It will sell lift tickets at discounted prices to people who want to get in a few more trips down the hill.

Gus Colburn: “It’s a pretty unique opportunity because we are only one of nine ski resorts in the whole country that’s going to be open this weekend. So we’re hoping it’s exciting enough for some people to dig their skis out of their garage and come out one more time.”

It is postponing the opening of its mountain biking season for a week. That will now debut on June 4.

Lookout Pass, a bit to the east, has announced on its website that it may also reopen for Memorial Day.

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