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From the Studio: Bright Comet's "Lord of the Flies"

Members of a new local theater group talk about their inaugural production

Dominique Betts, Taylor Cummings, Kezia Rhodes and Cecelia Sutton of Bright Comet Theatre joined E.J. Iannelli in the KPBX studio to talk about their production of Lord of the Flies, which opens tonight (Feb. 10) at the Spokane Central Library.

Betts is directing this dramatic adaptation of William Golding's novel; Cummings, Rhodes and Sutton are playing Ralph, Piggy and Jack, respectively. The performers enacted a brief scene from the play to give listeners an idea of how the novel translates to the stage.

Bright Comet Theatre is a new theater group to Spokane, and Lord of the Flies is its very first production. It was made possible through Spokane Arts Grant Award (SAGA) funding, which is detailed in an earlier interview with Betts and Cummings.

After tonight's opening, Bright Comet Theatre’s Lord of the Flies runs until Sunday, February 19 in the Spokane Central Library's nxʷyxʷyetkʷ Hall.

Dates, showtimes and links to tickets are available at Bright Comet Theatre's website.

E.J. Iannelli is Spokane Public Radio's Arts and Music Director
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