Idaho Governor Brad Little

Idaho's Governor Says No Vaccine Passports In His State

Apr 7, 2021
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Idaho Governor Brad Little is not a fan of the concept of a vaccine passport.

“Vaccine passports restrict the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal. Vaccine passports violate individuals’ freedom to choose the vaccine," Little said.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says the Gem State will soon drop most of the restrictions related to the Covid vaccine.

“I am glad to announce today that starting Monday, April 5, all Idahoans, regardless of their age, medical condition or occupation will be able to make an appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Also, starting Monday, March 29, any Idahoan with at least one medical condition will be able to access the Covid-19 vaccine," the governor said.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little is not a big fan of the federal Covid aid package. He says it’s too expensive and rewards governments and businesses that have irresponsibly spent money during the pandemic. Nevertheless, he said on Thursday the Gem State will accept its share.

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The Washington and Idaho legislatures are different in many ways. Democrats control both chambers in Olympia. Republicans are in charge in Boise.

But the pandemic has united legislators in the two states in one specific way. They’re each working to increase their authority during emergencies by calling themselves into special sessions. 

State of Idaho

Opponents of a bill to make it more difficult to put citizen initiatives on an Idaho state ballot are appealing directly to the governor.

On Friday, a state Senate committee approved a proposal by Kootenai County Republican Senator Steve Vick. His bill would require initiative sponsors to collect signatures from at least six percent of registered voters in all 35 legislative districts.

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The Idaho House took a step Tuesday toward limiting the governor’s authority and extending the legislature’s in managing emergencies, such as Covid.

The body voted 49-to-20 for a bill that requires the governor to terminate a disaster declaration as soon as he or she determines the immediate danger has passed.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says his state will move from Stage 2 to Stage 3 in its coronavirus reopening protocol.

Little announced Tuesday that groups of up to 50 may now gather, as long as they take precautions with masks and physical distancing.

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The Covid vaccination window for Idaho senior citizens opens on Monday. And with it comes a move by Governor Brad Little to build trust in the state’s health care providers who are administering those vaccines.

“There are questions about whether vaccines are being administered quickly enough after it arrives in communities across Idaho. Quite frankly, we need a clearer picture," he said.

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UPDATED: Friday, 3 pm with response from Idaho House Republicans. 

Idaho’s governor today [Friday] blasted legislative leaders who are pressuring him to end the state’s 10-month-old emergency declaration because of the coronavirus.

Those leaders believe the governor has overstepped his power. They’re proposing a variety of bills aimed at moving some of his emergency authority to the legislature.

Idaho Clarifies Who Will Get The Covid Vaccine Next

Jan 12, 2021
State of Idaho

Idaho state officials have announced which groups of people are next in line for coronavirus vaccines.

Governor Brad Little made the announcement on Tuesday.

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A new Idaho legislative session has begun with a tradition done in a different way.

In normal times, Governor Brad Little would appear before a joint session of the legislature on opening day and deliver his State of the State address. But in this pandemic, he gave his 30-minute speech in a television studio with no interruptions for applause.

Idaho's Governor Moves His State Back To Covid Phase 2

Nov 13, 2020
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Idaho Governor Brad Little has moved his state back to stage two of the state’s Idaho Rebounds protocol. Little cited increasing numbers of cases in many of the state’s hospitals and the growing fatigue among health care workers.

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The surge in the number of coronavirus cases in Idaho has doctors speaking up about the strain they and their colleagues are experiencing.

At the governor’s news conference on Monday, Dr. Andy Wilper brought some ominous news from his hospital, the Boise V-A.

Idaho Drops Back To Covid Phase Three

Oct 26, 2020
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Idaho’s governor has announced the Gem State is taking a step back to phase three of its coronavirus protocol.

State Epidemiologist Christine Hahn says the main factor is the surge in the number of hospital cases.

State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little says, despite the pandemic, his state’s economy is strong and outpacing nearly every state economy in the nation.

Little called reporters together Friday to crow about a variety of economic indicators. He says Idaho has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Its economists recently issued a strong state revenue report. And, he says, Idaho is on track to have a $530 million surplus during the next legislative session.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little said Friday the Gem State will remain in the final phase of the state’s coronavirus reopening plan.

“In nearly all the metric categories, we are seeing encouraging trends. However, our Covid hospitalizations statewide remain too high, again, to move out of stage four. Idaho will remain in stage four for another two weeks," Little said.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says he’s directing $99 million from what’s left of the state’s federal coronavirus relief money to public schools.

In an announcement in Boise today [Friday] the governor said the federal government notified Idaho last week that it’s allowing more flexibility in how states use CARES Act money for schools.

Little says the money will offset nearly a hundred million dollars in spending cuts he’d ordered earlier this year.

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Protesters and a call to Governor Brad Little to drop the state's Covid emergency declaration were the highlights of  today’s [Tuesday’s] Idaho special legislation session.

In the first case, dozens of people filled an auditorium where a House committee was set to hear a bill that would limit Covid-related legal liabilities for businesses and schools.

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UPDATED: 2:55 pm

The Idaho Senate today [Monday] approved a bill that adds an in-person voting center option to supplement neighborhood polling places on Election Day in November.

“What we would do is make it possible for any voter to go to any location to vote," said Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane, speaking during the first day of the Idaho special legislative session.

State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little said today [Friday] the Gem State will remain in phase four of its coronavirus reopening protocol.

The governor told reporters at a press conference at the Idaho Food Bank in Boise that the state still has too many people hospitalized for the coronavirus.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little says individual school districts will decide whether to bring students back to the classroom this fall. But he says the expectation is that schools will not be closed for an extended period.

Little told reporters today [Thursday] the state has allocated tens of millions of dollars to pay for a variety of Covid-related school needs, from computers and Internet connections to testing and PPE supplies.

He says he’s sure that when students and teachers are summoned back to schools, they’ll be safe.

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Idaho Governor Brad Little today [Thursday] announced the Gem State will stay where it is in its recovery from the coronavirus.

“Over the past two weeks, Idaho did not meet the criteria to advance past the final stage of the Idaho Rebounds plan. We will remain in stage four for at least another two weeks," the governor said.

State epidemiologist Christine Hahn cited the rise in Covid cases in Idaho over the last two weeks.

U.S. Justice Department

An Idaho group that has sponsored a public school funding initiative is asking the state to immediately certify the measure for the November ballot.

Attorneys for Reclaim Idaho filed that motion today [Monday] with a federal judge in Boise not long after the judge ruled against a motion by the state.

Idaho To Move To Phase 4 Reopening On Saturday

Jun 11, 2020
State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little has announced his state will move to the final phase of its reopening strategy, beginning Saturday.

“One hundred percent of businesses will be able to open their doors as we enter stage four of our Idaho Rebounds plan."

Idaho Offers Cash Incentives To Get People Back To Work

Jun 5, 2020
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Idaho Governor Brad Little today [Friday] announced cash incentives for people who are currently collecting unemployment benefits, despite being called back to their jobs.

“The one-time return-to-work bonuses will be provided to the worker upon return to the workplace," he said.

State of Idaho


Idaho Governor Brad Little today [Thursday] announced his state is ready to move on to the next phase of its coronavirus reopening plan, beginning Saturday.

“Gatherings of up to 50 people can occur where appropriate physical distancing and precautionary measures are observed," Little said.

Idaho Announces Need For More Testing, Contact Tracing

May 22, 2020
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An Idaho task force says the state needs to continue to increase its capacity for testing more people for the coronavirus.

The task force released its recommendations today [Friday].

Idaho To Move To Next Covid Recovery Phase On Saturday

May 14, 2020
State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little says the Gem State will move to the second phase of state’s four-part coronavirus recovery plan on Saturday.

That means businesses such as gyms and hair salons will be able to reopen with the appropriate precautions.

Little made his announcement today [Thursday] and threw in a surprise as well.

Idaho Governor Announces Four-Stage Reopening Plan

Apr 23, 2020
State of Idaho

Idaho Governor Brad Little has announced a four-stage plan for re-opening the state’s businesses and communities after closures due to the coronavirus.

“The first stage will be almost all the retail and houses of faith. The second stage will be restaurants. The third stage will be bars," Little said.

The fourth stage will allow even larger gatherings with the appropriate physical distancing.

The first stage is scheduled to take effect May 1.

State of Idaho

Idaho state parks officials are trying to maintain a balance between allowing day-time public access to favored areas, but keeping people from getting too close to each other.

Governor Brad Little’s office has launched a “Recreate Responsibly” campaign, aimed at promoting good behavior.