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As Idaho’s legislature moves to the end of its session, lawmakers have said yes to a new Medicaid budget and then no to money for more Covid testing in schools.

Idaho Prop 2 Supporters Celebrate Big Win

Nov 7, 2018
Reclaim Idaho

Supporters of Idaho’s Proposition 2 are celebrating a victory today.

The measure that would allow the expansion of the state’s Medicaid program was approved by more than 60% of voters.

Wa healthplan exchange

The sign up period for the Washington Health Plan has begun. This year it will run through December 15.

Officials say it should be easier this year to either renew your current policy, make changes, or sign up for the first time.

ID Proposition 2: Expanding Medicaid

Oct 18, 2018
Reclaim Idaho

Proposition 2 is one of two statewide initiatives in Idaho. It would allow the state to expand Medicaid coverage to people who are younger than 65, whose income is 133% or less of the federal poverty level and who are not eligible for other state insurance coverage.

Steve Jackson spoke with initiative proponent Emily Strizich from the group Reclaim Idaho and opponent Fred Birnbaum, the vice president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Barb Crumpacker

Idaho’s Proposition Two is a ballot measure that would allow Medicaid expansion to take place in the Gem State.

The state's lawmakers have repeatedly turned down proposals to expand the Medicaid rolls in the state.

Medicaid for Idaho

Supporters of Medicaid expansion in Idaho are gearing up their campaign.

They believe they have submitted the required number of signatures to the state.  

They are now touting a new poll that shows good support for the idea.

Reclaim Idaho

Idaho voters may also see an initiative on the ballot, one that would require the state to expand the Medicaid program to provide subsidized health care to thousands of low-income residents.

This week, sponsors of the initiative campaign turned in the last of their signatures. They need 56,000+ to get it on the ballot.

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The Washington House has given approval to a bill that would provide members of Spokane's Marshallese population with subsidized health care. 

Reclaim Idaho

A plan is underway in Idaho to increase the number of people with healthcare by passing two waivers in the legislature to modify requirements under the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. But there is also a push to get lawmakers in the state to expand Medicaid.

A Washington State advocacy group for developmentally disabled people is sounding an alarm over treatment of patients at Lakeland Village, a state residential center in Medical Lake. Disability Rights Washington has told the Department of Social and Health Services that drastic budget cuts imposed during the recessionary years have resulted in inadequate care, improper classification of patients, and in some cases, fraudulent record keeping.

The Washington state Health Exchange is poised to begin their new sign up period. This time around there will be even more insurance options, as well as a sign up available for small businesses.

Beginning November 15th, those looking to get health insurance through the state program will have the option of 82 different plans, compared with 46 last year. There are two new insurance carriers, bringing the total to 10. And this year for the first time, small businesses with fewer than fifty employees can shop for plans.

Idaho Loses Medicaid Reimbursement Dispute

Apr 7, 2014


The State of Idaho took on the federal government in a court case over Medicaid reimbursement rates, and lost. Five Idaho corporations which provide basic life skills - routine functions such as bathing, eating and laundry - sued the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare three years ago in federal court. The Medicaid providers argued that they were losing money under Idaho's budget restrictions because their  reimbursements had been frozen since July 2006.

Washington insurance commissioner Mike Kriedler is happy with the number of people who have signed up for medical insurance or qualified for Medicaid in the state. Kriedler says prior to authorization of the Affordable Care Act, it was estimated there were a million people in Washington without health insurance.

Washington State’s Basic Health program, which helped those with lower incomes gain access to health care, was discontinued when the state created it’s Health Exchange under the Affordable Care Act, and took the federal option of expanding Medicaid. But now, there is an effort to bring it back.