Mt. Spokane

A Nordic Tradition Became A Fan Favorite In Washington

Feb 7, 2021
Courtesy of National Nordic Museum

Most of the skiing that people enjoy in the Northwest is of the downhill and cross country varieties. But there’s another form of skiing that helped to build the sport’s popularity in the Northwest, even though most people watched rather than participated.

A Northwest ski historian has written a new book about how Scandinavian immigrants to the Northwest, particularly Norwegians, brought with them their fondness for the sport they enjoyed back home.

On Tuesday, Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park won a Washington State Supreme Court ruling that will allow its planned expansion to move forward.

Some conservation groups, including The Lands Council, had opposed the expansion saying it would impact wildlife habitat and the character of old growth forest.

While this looks like a normal winter for snowfall in the Spokane area, that’s not the case for area mountains.

At the end of 2016, Spokane had received 22.3 inches of snow at the airport, just a bit more than average. But you may be surprised to learn that at Mt. Spokane and nearby mountains the snowpack is actually below normal.

David Lewis via flickr

Opponents to a proposed expansion of the Mt. Spokane ski area are appealing to Governor Inslee for help in stopping the project.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Conservationists are challenging the approval of a Mount Spokane ski area expansion. The Lands Council and other groups filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Thurston County Superior Court, not against the mountain, but against the state Parks and Recreation Commission.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Mount Spokane’s ski planners got approval this week to develop new ski terrain on a contentious section of the mountain. The State Parks and Recreation Commission voted to allow ski expansion after hearing three hours of public testimony Wednesday night.

Last Public Meeting on Mt. Spokane Proposal, For Now

Nov 17, 2014
Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane owners and conservation group The Lands Council are reaching the end of a long and difficult run. This week the state parks commission will make a decision on whether skiing is allowed on an 800 acre spot on the mountain.