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The panel tasked with dividing Spokane County into five new commissioner districts may be less than a week away from finalizing a compromise.

The group, made up of two Democrats, two Republicans and an independent chair, has clashed over the months long process on how to divide the city of Spokane, and how to handle the West Plains and the South Hill. Their compromise map, tentatively agreed to this afternoon, has two Republican districts and two Democratic districts, the southwest urban end of Spokane will likely be a swing district.

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Activists and voting rights advocates put local governments on notice this week when they settled a lawsuit with Yakima County to rewrite its election process.

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The group tasked with carving Spokane County into five new county commissioner districts has released four maps.

The maps have garnered mixed reviews.

Redistricting Commissions Ramp Up Their Activities

Aug 24, 2021
Courtesy of Washington State Redistricting Commission

Spokane County’s redistricting committee is releasing its draft plan for public review Tuesday evening. It’s the latest step in a flurry of activity this fall by the Spokane and Washington state redistricting groups.

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Spokane County has had three commissioners for most of its history as a government, but will have five elected by district starting next year.

A committee has been chosen to draw the lines for the new districts and has about five months left to complete the task. The group’s chair says they need feedback from the public now.

Official public hearings and information sessions start next month.

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Spokane County Commissioners have chosen a former Healthcare executive as the final member of a committee that will redraw the county’s election lines.

Spokane County Commissioners Monday unanimously chose Elaine Couture. She retired from her position as Providence executive vice president and regional chief executive for Washington and Montana, earlier this year.

Spokane County Commissioner Mary Kuney, who nominated her, praised her business sense, leadership and community ties before the board voted.

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The committee tasked with expanding the county from three to five commissioner districts was unable to agree on a fifth, and final, member.

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Spokane Republicans have chosen a former U.S. Attorney and GOP party leader to help redistrict Spokane County.

Senate Republicans chose Robin Ball, the owner of Sharp Shooters gun shop and the former chair of the Spokane County Republican Party. House Republicans chose Jim McDevitt, a former U.S. Attorney, as their representative in the county's redistricting.

Sen. Mike Padden, who represents Spokane Valley, confirmed the nominees Tuesday.

Spokane Voters' Group Teaches People About Redistricting

Feb 14, 2021
Washington Redistricting Commission

Washington’s 2021 Redistricting Commission is preparing to begin its one-every-10-year task. The board will hold public meetings around the state later this spring to help guide its work of redrawing political boundaries.

The League of Women Voters, this week, will hold two public webinars about redistricting and how people can let their voices be heard.


The new Washington state Senate majority leader is firing back at plans to challenge a state law that requires Spokane County to add more county commissioners.