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An Idaho state representative has resigned from the state House. Aaron von Ehlinger, a Republican from Lewiston, leaves office on the same day that a legislative ethics committee recommended that he be expelled.

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UPDATED: 2:20 pm PT 

The Idaho House Ethics Committee heard testimony Wednesday about an accusation of sexual assault against Lewiston Republican Representative Aaron von Ehlinger.

Committee members will reconvene on Thursday morning to debate their next steps.

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Earlier this month, NPR aired a series of stories detailing sexual harassment of people with intellectual disabilities. The network told stories about caregivers and others in positions of authority who raped women.

The Arc of Spokane operates a program that provides people who have intellectual disabilities with tools to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Inland Journal, August 24, 2017

Aug 24, 2017

Inland Journal for August 24, 2017

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Washington State's prison system is fully justified in its new policy of hiring women guards to oversee women prisoners, despite strong objections from the union representing male correctional officers.

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People living in Spokane in 1986 may remember this name: Ruby Doss. She was strangled to death and found by a transient, and police never found her killer. Thursday, Spokane Police said they have a suspect: Richard J Aguirre.

The fate of a human trafficking lawsuit against is now in the hands of the Washington Supreme Court.

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Treatment Center
Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times

The man known as Spokane's notorious South Hill Rapist has struck out again in his latest bid to go free. Kevin Coe, now 67 years old, is locked up indefinitely at Washington State's McNeil Island facility for sex criminals.

Virtually any convicted rapist in Washington State may now be able to demand and get DNA testing which might, or might not, point to his innocence. In a case dating from 1993, a majority of the state's high court has ruled that a man serving time for five counts of first degree rape has a right to have DNA from the crime scene tested.