Spokane City Council President Breean Beggs

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Thursday’s Washington Supreme Court ruling that struck down the car tabs initiative has brought relief to the people who look for money for transportation projects.

Spokane City Council President Breean Beggs calls the decision “a big win for the city.” He says it can continue to charge vehicle owners a $20-a-year to fund street and pedestrian improvements.

Local legislators say the ruling puts a spotlight on the need to find new ways to fund transportation projects.

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The Spokane City Council voted Monday to indefinitely put off a decision about whether to add fluoride to the city’s drinking water. But it did decide to accept up to $4 million in grant money to continue studying the concept.

The proposal to fluoridate Spokane’s water has rekindled a decades-long debate about whether the benefits of adding fluoride to the water outweigh the negatives.

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The Spokane City Council has adopted principles it says the city will consider as it operates its part of the county’s criminal justice system.

The resolution includes language adopted by a local task force that has evaluated Spokane’s criminal justice system.

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The police reform discussion in Spokane is about to ramp up.

Spokane city officials on Thursday announced they’re ready to begin a community-wide dialogue on policing. They say that will include, at a minimum, the mayor and city council, police leadership and social justice advocates.

Spokane Council Takes Two Steps Related To Climate Change

May 21, 2020
Global Covenant of Mayors

The Spokane City Council this week took steps not related to the virus. It approved two resolutions related to climate change.

In one, Council President Breean Beggs says the council voted to rejoin a group of more than 1,700 local governments that are working on sustainability issues.

City Of Spokane Releases Climate Survey Results

May 7, 2020
City of Spokane

Health and economic issues are top of mind for most people right now. But results of a survey released this week by the city of Spokane show the environment is still important to people.


More than 1,400 residents answered questions in a recent online poll about climate change.


Elected leaders in Spokane County say they’re looking for specifics as to how they can convince the state to allow more businesses to open soon. Spokane’s mayor says the governor has imposed a strict standard that probably isn’t attainable. Others think he hasn’t yet finalized what he wants from larger counties.

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Today on Inland Journal and the Inland Journal podcast, the Washington Democratic presidential primary is still too close to call. Bernie Sanders led after the first count Tuesday night. Joe Biden holds the lead now. Biden won in Idaho. What’s next for Democrats in those two states as the presidential campaign moves to the next phase? The Idaho legislature voted this week to move the northern half of the state to full-time Daylight Saving Time when Washington and Oregon do. We’ll dig into our archive and talk with a proponent of Daylight Saving Time. We’ll hear about a new survey by the city of Spokane to gauge how people think the city should move forward in adapting to climate change. And we’ll celebrate the Hindu Festival of Colors with the Spokane Hindu community.

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Some Spokane residents are upset with plans by the city to construct a portion of the Centennial Trail through their neighborhood.

That neighborhood is bounded by Boone Avenue along Summit Boulevard, through Mission and West Point.

Laura Garrabrant owns a home on Mission across from the bluff overlooking the Spokane River.

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Nadine Woodward joined the Spokane City Council for her first meeting as mayor Monday night.

“Tonight is a unique moment," Woodward said. "No one that I have spoken to has been able to recall a time since moving to the strong mayor form of government that the mayor has joined you here on the dais.