Spokane Homeless Coalition

Courtesy of Stop the Sweeps

Advocates for people who are homeless in Spokane are urging the city to stop its sweeps of outdoor encampments.

They’re also asking city officials to address more of the basic needs of people who live on the streets.

Spokane Homeless Coalition

More than 100 social agencies and other vendors served people at Spokane’s annual Homeless Connect event Thursday in the Convention Center.

“There’s a food bank. There’s a clothing bank. They can get a free meal while they’re here. They’re doing hepatitis screening right now. EPI Pharmaceutical is here with their bus,” said Maurice Smith, a spokesman for the Spokane Homeless Coalition.


Monday on the Inland Journal podcast, Maurice Smith from the Spokane Homeless Coalition tells us about his new documentary series about the city’s homeless population, “My Road Leads Home”. Smith says his film takes a different approach than the “Seattle is Dying” program that has gained a lot of attention in the Emerald City. He says he’s trying to create a new narrative about homelessness here.