Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington Wildlife Agency Authorizes Two More Wolf Kills

Jun 19, 2020
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has authorized the killing of two more wolves in northeast Washington. Meanwhile, an environmental group has gone to court to get more protection for the wolves.

WA House Committee Approves Wolf Radio Collar Bill

Feb 7, 2020
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

A Washington House committee today [Friday] approved a bill that would lead to more radio collars on wolves.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Joel Kretz (R-Wauconda) would require the Department of Fish and Wildlife to use radio collars when possible to monitor wolves. It also requires the agency to collar at least two of the animals in each pack that have been causing trouble for farmers and ranchers.

Scott Leadingham/Northwest Public Broadcasting

Tuesday on the Inland Journal podcast, non-native invasive species are causing headaches for wildlife and fisheries managers in the Northwest. Idaho is trying to keep out the quagga mussel, a little creature which is becoming a nuisance in many parts of the country. We’ll hear about efforts to stop the spread of Washington’s most immediate threat, the northern pike, a big fish that’s gobbling its way toward the Columbia River.


A bill before Washington lawmakers would direct the Fish and Wildlife Department to come up with different wolf management plans for different regions of the state with more activity in areas where populations are rapidly increasing. 

It would provide more staff and resources for areas with the most wolves, including northeast Washington counties. It would still allow for lethal control, but also increase efforts to use non-lethal methods of control for wolves that prey on livestock.

"Hunter Pink" Could Be Coming To The Woods

Mar 6, 2019
TVW/Senate Republican Caucus

Pink may become the new fashion statement in hunting circles. A Vancouver state senator has introduced a bill that would allow bright pink to be worn in addition to hunter orange clothing during hunting season. The legislation has cleared the state Senate and begun its journey through the state House.

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Aug 24, 2017

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