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So Long, Rachel Martin! Weekend Edition Host Moves To Morning Edition


SARAH OLIVER, BYLINE: Rachel, it's your soon-to-be ex-boss, Sarah Oliver, and it's your last day of hosting WEEKEND EDITION SUNDAY. We are all really going to miss you.

NED WHARTON, BYLINE: Hey, it's producer Ned Wharton. Now I have to get up five days a week to hear you on the radio. We're going to miss you, Rachel.

SAMANTHA BALABAN, BYLINE: Hi. This is producer Samantha Balaban. I just wanted to say thank you for making all of my reality TV dreams come true. We'll miss you, Rachel.

IAN STEWART, BYLINE: Hi, Rachel. It's producer Ian. And the official announcement said that you brought listeners a unique blend of listening experiences. I don't really know what that means, but what I do know is that you're the best - really.

NATALIE WINSTON, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. It's your editor Natalie Winston. I'm really going to miss your pop of color.

BARRIE HARDYMON, BYLINE: It's editor Barrie Hardymon. We'll miss you in the chapel of language.

OLIVER DEARDEN, BYLINE: This is producer Olly Dearden. Well, this is just awful, really, isn't it, Rachel? Awful for us, but really pleased for you. Best of luck.

RAVENNA KOENIG, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. It's producer Ravenna Koenig. I'm going to miss you so much, but I'm so excited that you're actually going to be able to have brunch.

JORDANA HOCHMAN, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. It's Jordana Hochman, senior editor at WEEKEND EDITION. You are collaborative. You are generous and big-hearted, and it's been a gift to work with you. We'll miss you.

ERIC MCDANIEL, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. It's producer Eric McDaniel. I don't know why you'd leave us to get up so early in the morning, but I'm sure you're going to do great things on Morning Edition.

SARAH HANDEL, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. Producer Sarah Handel here. Thank you so much for taking on all my weird pitches and turning them into great interviews. I'm really going to miss you.

STACEY SAMUEL, BYLINE: Rachel, Stacey Samuel here. Your warm voice helped me switch teams, leave TV and join radio. I'm thrilled to have been your supervising editor, if only for a short while.

PETER BRESLOW, BYLINE: Hey, Rachel. It's producer Peter Breslow. There's actually been kind of an awkward mistake. They hired Rachel Maddow for Morning Edition, so you're still with us. I'll see you next week.


MATTHEW WILDER: (Singing) Ain't nothing going to break my stride. Nobody going to slow me down. Oh, no. I got to keep on moving.


Oh, I love you guys. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.