Leona Vander Molen

Marketing and Website Coordinator

Leona Vander Molen moved to Spokane in 2017 for graduate school and couldn’t bring herself to leave due to the sun, scenery, and community. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and attended Denison University for a BA in English and Psychology. Following graduation she moved to Japan for a year as a part of the JET program, and taught as an assistant English teacher on the island of Awaji. She returned to the US to pursue an MFA in creative writing, which she received from Eastern Washington University. While listening to Spokane Public Radio Leona likes to knit, pet local cats, or drive to the nearest bakery for a bagel or five.

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Chelsea Beck/NPR

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is appearing before the House judiciary and intelligence committees. Though Mueller has said his report on Russian interference in the 2016 election is his testimony, lawmakers have insisted that he testify in person. Watch the proceedings live.

Dacey Else (Playwright), Matt Harget (festival Director), Jean Hardie (Director and Playwright), and Matthew Weaver (Playwright) join Verne Windham for From the Studio to talk about the upcoming 31st Playwright's Forum Festival by the SPokane CIvic Theater. The festival will take place from June 20th to June 23rd, tickets are $15, and you can find more information about the festival and plays here