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Men in Charge Season 10, Episode 18: The 200th Episode Episode!

Yes, it's the 200th episode of Men in Charge (collect them all and trade with your friends!), and this time it's unscripted, all banter, all improvised, all completely idiotic. Kevin and Tony occupy your time by 1) monitoring a typically violent Lower Heights school board meeting, 2) exploring the contributions of Robert E. Lee to American traitordom, 3) traveling Back in Time using time-travel mittens, 4) listening to complaints from Men in Charge characters who want to be voiced by other actors entirely, and 4) thanking the cast, who refused to show up for this epic episode. Remember, if you're not part of the solution, you're either part of the problem, or part of the problem that calls for looking for a problem for every solution.

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Tony Flinn, known around the model railroad track in his basement as “Professor of English, Emeritus,” recently retired from Eastern Washington University to age in place, like an old car up on blocks in the barn, convenient for climbing behind the wheel and saying “Vroom! Vroom!” He and his co-host and co-producer, Kevin Decker, have been writing and performing in “Men in Charge” since probably 2014, or even earlier, depending on whether you’re using the Julian or Gregorian calendar.
Kevin Decker, Professor of Philosophy, was left holding the bag when Tony Flinn recently retired from Eastern Washington University. That bag was full of cats. At first, he thought they were cute, but then they woke up and started mauling him. It turned out that the cats were mountain lion cubs, often referred to incorrectly as “cougars.” One had rabies. From his now-permanent hospital bed, Kevin writes for and co-produces “Men in Charge,” the title of which may or may not be ironic
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