The Green Scooters Are Back

May 13, 2019

Wheelshare scooter
Credit Photo by Doug Nadvornick

The lime green bikes and scooters are back in Spokane.

The short-term rental program of the electric scooters and bikes began with a pilot program last fall in Spokane. During that two-month period, 148,000 individual rides were taken, mostly on the scooters.

Anyone can download the Lime app onto their phone to use the equipment. The cost is a dollar to unlock the bikes, and 25 cents per minute.

City spokeswoman Marlene Feist says the new program includes some rules of the road that will aid in avoiding conflict with traffic and pedestrians on the sidewalk.

“The scooters in the downtown, there’s a map that shows the boundaries. You need to ride that scooter in the bike lane or the street. You should ride like a bike, not weaving all over, so a car will know what to expect from you. When you get outside of the downtown core when the speed is 30 miles an hour, we recommend you get back on the sidewalk,” Feist said.

Feist says the city recommends anyone who rents the scooters or bikes to wear a helmet, but it is not a specific requirement.

There are 500 of the machines this year, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating one in the downtown or near downtown area. You can also use the online app to find one for your use.