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Season 3, Episode 24: Don't Think You Know Better Than Haig!

If you thought you did, don’t.  And here’s why.  To start, we bring back the first of our Unsatisfactory TED Talks.  If it changes your life, well, your life must have really, really needed it. Next, we hit the mean streets in dangerous shoes, with Erin Maxwell, Rogue Podiatrist, and her podiatry sidekick-in-training, Angela Moonhair.  Yes, a citizen’s arrest will be made.  After that we hear from our sponsor, the corn-based snack product that comes in handy when… well, you’ll see.  Finally, two inadvertently alcohol-related segments: Wine Tasting with Men in Charge (and with bats and spiders), and British Pub Crawl with Stephen Crawley—misadventures that begin badly and deteriorate from there.

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