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Season 5, Episode 21: A Damp Tissue of Lies!

  In yet another exclamatory episode, Kevin and Tony discuss how damp tissues of lies can become before they (the tissues of lies) fall apart. Pretty damp, we learn. But the rest of the episode isn’t quite as educational. In “What’s New with You?” host Roger Basement—winner of the coveted Baritone award--interviews playwright Art Buckle and learns that his ontological condition isn’t quite as stable as he might wish, Baritone awards notwithstanding. Then, the coupon-brandishing Perfect Consumer returns to exploit the material world in a desperate battle with philosopher Martin Heidegger over control of their mutual sidekick, Jeff. Finally, the first in the Schmalkaldic League series premieres, featuring mind control, betrayal, and the decline of the Ottoman Empire. A lot goes on here, so there’s no time for bathroom breaks while listening. Okay?

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