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Season 7, Episode 2: They Killed Him in His Sleep

Well yes, that’s a disconcerting question, but how else can Men be In Charge? Besides, it’s he-said she-said, right? Unless you actually investigate though, so please don’t.

The first segment, which includes characters who haven’t yet been killed in their sleep, is the next part of the continuing saga, “The Jane Austen Book Club for Men,” starring Dan Blanche, the longest serving adjunct writing instructor at Lower Heights Community College. Two alarming facts drive this segment: Dan has to host the book club in a meat locker, and a white woman calls the police because she thinks one of the attendees might be a black man. Next comes another segment of “Pox & Phlegm,” in which two confident white men and a blonde, all posing as journalists, explain the benefits of extending gun rights to felons, especially given who might show up at a Starbucks and look out of place. In the third segment we meet the President’s newest press secretary, Sidney Greenstreet, a 40’s cinema villain who knows how to deal with reporters who ask challenging questions about the President’s activities. Finally, we take a weekend bus strip with school kids to visit their mothers at “work.” And where do they “work”? Tune in and find out…

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