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Season 9, Episode 4: Relax, We're Armed!

In this episode, Kevin and Tony—from the comfort of their sewer and earthen bunker respectively—discuss ways that arming the citizenry inevitably leads to peace.  At the same time, necessarily, they explore which kinds of mold provide good body insulation when it grow on clothes and skin.  With all that resolved, our boys move on to this episode's four segments. First, in “Dangerous Cousins-in-Law Part 2,” Darlene and Mabel play an alphabet game to guess the crime that Regina is planning.  Second, it’s a new Jarrett Langford script: “Dungeon Doctor,” in which a doctor and nurse roll the dice to determine a patient’s treatment. Third is “Civics in a Bottle”—learning history from beer and wine labels.  Why not?  Finally, in “Spic and Spandits,” Chloë and Madison move their cast-off (but expensive!) furniture from their houses to yours—whether you want them to or not! But relax. Maybe they’re armed.

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