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Season 9, Episode 6: Your Inadequacies and Ours, Compared

Listener protestations to the contrary, Kevin and Tony decide it's time measure the inadequacies of their audience up against their own.  Let's just say it doesn't turn out well for the listeners.  To cheer up those mortified folks, the show moves on to this week's pre-award-winning segments: First, we're back to "Heaving Bosoms," chapter 15, with the old geezer Crone baby, and a new wrinkle-removing product. After that, a new convenience store adventure at the "Bilk N' Go," Capitalism is re-examined, and maybe derided. Thirdly brings us a return to the "Bad Advice Demon," featuring drunken poetry about laundry. Finally, we have the return of "A Man Called Bamby." Mr. Bamby has fled the bar where two mafia goons were roughing up his voice-over persona, but he's not home free.  Hang onto your wallets, listener.

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