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Season 9, Episode 8: Our Ambiguities Make Misunderstanding Almost Normal!

As the ambiguity of the title indicates, this episode explores “ambiguity” in three of its nuances. Count if you don’t believe us, and then never believe us again. Coincidentally, this episode unleashes three segments: 1) The return of “Chester Hehdridge,” who meets a pair of near-worthy opponents in a parking lot; 2) a commercial/true-life drama, “Dictator Paints,” in which a nearly invisible reporter spies on a transaction in an authoritarian paint store; and 3) “Whose Desuetude is Recrudescent,” in which mean-spirited documentarian Thor-Igor Rasmussen interrogates Novak Djokovic, famous line-judge-hitting tennis player, just to be mean-spirited. So listen, learn, and then forget.  

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