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Season 9, Episode 10: When Cans Were Made of Glass

From his earthen bunker, Tony describes how he ended up even farther into the depths of the earth while just trying to make some extra room for new rats. From his sewer, Kevin smiles benignly. This episode attempts to get at the nature of some strange relics they both found while exploring their pandemic-era digs: glassware in the shape of cans, with removable lids. When cans were made of glass, indeed! And the confusion doesn't stop there, as we travel back to the Sumerian Era of Mesopotamia for Fertile Crescent Sumerian Investigators's latest episode, "The Big Ziggurat" and Lieutenant Lugalzaggesi is excited about a new form of torture: waterboarding. After that, Roger Basement, host of "What's New with You?" talks with his newest guest about Videoconferencing Tips. Listen in and you'll be communicating online as effectively as Jeffrey Toobin in no time! Finally, Vladimir Putin is summoned to Laboratory X below the Kremlin to examine a new time-travel device. In "Back to the Putin," he gets to test wits with his teenage self, and things only go downhill from there. 

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