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Season 9, Episode 17: Remember, We're Award-Eligible!

In this episode, Kevin and Tony encourage the Listener to call in to the station to nominate “Men in Charge” for an award, given that the show is now, legally, award-eligible. “Best Hair” award for the hosts? Why not? “Most Likely to Succeed Recede into Oblivion”? That too.  But because self-congratulations can take the show only so far, matters move to the further adventures of “Emily Wellingtonford, Canadian Mine Owner and Usurer,” in which Emily continues her dalliance with Constable Coors, while the elderly Mrs. Wepford, locked in a utility closet, dreams herself into a nightmarish reality. Next, Kitty McQueen, feline chanteuse whose star is always starting to rise, finds herself singing to an entire stadium of… well, you’ll just have to listen in. Finally, Tony and Kevin leave the basement where the Men in Charge spam filter is kept and head to Brazil in response to a spam ad for laborers at a soybean farm. Our hosts gather all the credentials they can muster to prove their qualifications for the job, but let’s just say they don’t win any awards for it. Now get back work, Listener.  

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