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Season 9, Episode 20: A Lot of Big Boy Thinking!

A lot of Big Boy thinking went into this episode, one in which the title is actually relevant to its contents. What is “Big Boy” thinking? It’s the kind of unaccustomed exertion that stretches men’s minds, perhaps for the first time, all the way outside of their private circumstances to truly examine the State of Things. So, Alden and Largo, underemployed Mafia Goons, are prominently featured in this episode. First, they cross the street to force “Spunky McBeef’s Pizza Arcade” out of business. Alas, their Big Boy thinking come all too late. More Big Boy thinking shows up with part two of “Bingo Night at the Kushners.” Jared and Ivanka hope to restore their fortunes by holding Bingo Night at their new home in Lower Heights, but Kayleigh McAnany neglects to bring the sheet cake because, you know, she lies. Then we return to the misfortunes of Alden and Largo for “PallMallMark PAC,” where they are manipulated into lobbying for Big Greeting Card to increase the number of Federal holidays. It’s all way too much for them to figure out.