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New "Freedom" Website Helps Idaho Residents Monitor Legislature


North Idaho state Representative Heather Scott has helped to introduce a new website to help you keep tabs on the current legislative session. The website also includes a so-called Freedom Agenda and evaluates bills from that perspective.

At, there’s a comprehensive list of the bills that have been introduced. The bill table also includes columns that offer summaries of the legislation, editorial comments and ratings, plus, minus and neutral.

Republican Representative Heather Scott from Blanchard says the website is maintained by a group of freedom-minded citizens interested in promoting liberty principles.
“We just thought it would be good to get our ideas out there because sometimes they’re suppressed by the establishment. They’re put in desk drawers and never heard," Scott said. "And so we really wanted to show the citizens what we’re working for down here so they’re aware of our agenda.”   

The website also includes a so-called Freedom Agenda, which calls for reducing tax burdens on workers, families and businesses. It includes a wish list of actions that would lead to lower taxes, less government and more freedom and transparency.
The other legislative co-sponsor for the website is Republican Representative Ronald Nate from Rexburg.