2003 at SPR

Jul 8, 2020

Bach KPBX Kids' Concert


KPBX Kids’ Concert presents “A Day in the Life of Mrs. Bach,” featuring Darnelle Preston & the Spokane Children’s Chorus.

Michele Norris & Melissa Block join All Things Considered, along with Steve Inskeep.


SPR and Spokane Regional Health present Growing Up Healthy with live forums.

Dawnelle Shaw joins the crew as Financial Assistant.

The Homeless Marathon airs on KSFC, a 14 hour marathon focusing on the nation’s homeless.


Martha Haynes joins the team working at the front desk.

Jack Prelutsky


Jack Prelutsky performs for a KPBX Kids' Concert while in town for Get Lit!

Growing Up Healthy segment about child immunizations.

Stephanie Ingoldby joins the staff as Volunteer Coordinator.


Prairie Flyer Bluegrass at KPBX Kids’ Concert.

Musicfest Northwest in the studio.

Pearl Django thank-you concert.


Moko Jumbie kicks off the 10th anniversary of KPBX Kids’ Concerts.

Moko Jumbie KPBX Kids' Concert


Comedy College: 13 part series of half hour shows showcasing comedians.


The Trailer Park Girls at the MAC for the KPBX Kids’ Concert.

Call-in about ADD as a  part of Growing Up Healthy.


David Brown joins Marketplace.

NPR does America through European Eyes series; History of the Blues from African Roots in fall.

Fall Folk Festival


KPBX Kids’ Concert at Lewis & Clark, which featured the pipe organ.

Fall Folk Festival moves to SCC.


Tom Lewis sings sea songs at KPBX Kids’ Concert.

Growing Up Healthy: Tackling harassment in schools.