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Season 5, Episode 19: RTF! Pt 1, Ch 4A: CADET BILLY, WARLORD OF MARS!

  As you’ll remember from Chapter 3, parts A&B, of Rocket to the Future! Part 1, Cadet Billy is now wearing the radioactive name tag that declares him “Warlord of Mars!” Taking this designation seriously, he takes Lieutenant Nemesis and Farley Stubbs as hostages in an escape pod to Phobos, the scarier of the Mars moons. Why? Not just for the view, but to meet with his Martian army of insurrectionists. Meanwhile, Captain Major and the crew try a venereal time warp to leave Mercury in time to… well, they have no idea.

Lingering questions include: Why is the Announcer “sublimed” to a Higher Plane of Existence, and how are the cod sandwiches there? Will Lieutenant Schicklegruber ever receive opioid painkillers for his rocket exhaust burns? Finally, is a “venereal time warp” exactly what it sounds like? Tune in and then, in a fan frenzy, answer these questions in your new Men in Charge blog!

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