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Season 8, Episode 1: There's a Lot to Be Said for Money!

They say that money can't buy happiness, but as Men in Charge is slung forcefully into its eighth season, Tony and Kevin beg to disagree. Let's face it--money solves a lot of problems, from making the mechanical horse in front of your local supermarket move to bribing heads of state. In today's episode, we peek in on the exploits of Hamann and his dad Herder as they consider the possibilities of "Anacondas for Rent or Lease!" Then it's a long-awaited return to room 221B of the Lower Heights Senior Citizens Community Center Portable Building Annex to check out what occurs when the leather whip of Vance, the "Gaming Thrall Master," opens a portal to another dimension for the unwilling role playing gamers under his iron boot! Then things get quite, quite damp as we have another run-in with "British Pub Crawl with Stephen Crawley," in which Stephen is yelled at for spoiling yet another of the lorry driver's attempts at minor theft and reunites with Veronica, the Eurotrash American girl making a video on the high points of Brexit. Finally, we listen to the eighth installment of "Heaving Bosoms," public radio's high-minded take on Regency smut on the moors.

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