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Season 8, Episode 20: We're Not Criminals, Per Se!

In this episode, Tony and Kevin try to persuade us, unsuccessfully, that they’re not criminals, per se. Since the characters they’ve created are at the very least ethically short-changed by, well, their identities, our co-hosts’ protests of innocence prove the contrary. Giving up, they take us to a few potential sponsors: “Snakes a-Poppin’!” which sells snake samples from a cart (I know! What?) to a couple quarreling about yard work, and “The Indoor Grill” from the All Male Meat Market, and Edwin Slezak, who sells old magnetic tapes that he’s stolen. It’s cutting edge of audiotronics, 1964. Finally, we hear once again from “Bogdan Krasplasian, Unfullfilled Bulgarian Minor Office Functionary.” He and his larcenous colleague Nicolai are still on the run from the Moscow authorities for a candy theft. Will meeting “The Old Bolshevik” pull them deeper into lives of crime?  Or will it be even a really whole lot deeper?

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