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Season 8, Episode 25: Like a Moth to Candy

Tony and Kevin explore the eggs in one basket of crossing a bridge when they come to it of mixed metaphors. Then it's the return of everyone's favorite unwashed philosophers, Hans and Jacques, in "Existentialists on a Hovercraft." These promoters of heavy, dark European breads outline their strategy for using bookstores as academic research institutions and meet their female Others. Then it's the fourteenth chapter of "Heaving Bosoms," in which things get a bit more meta than usual and the Crone's elderly baby with Coachman Coors begins growing a mustache. Then, a new idea from Jared Kushner and the Vichy America family of products and services: "High-end Menus." Effectively make your local greasy spoon diner pay you to eat at a much higher level of gourmet cuisine with High-end Menus! Finally, it's "New Uses for Cats," and one of them involves harnesses and drones!

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