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Season 8, Episode 24: That's Just Hitler Being Hitler!

Kevin and Tony continue broadcasting from self-quarantine / poorly developed social skills, Kevin in the sewer system beneath the dripping streets of Lower Heights, and Tony in his bunker, with only arrow slits for light and air (and shooting arrows through). These are the perfect locales to discuss whether it’s okay for people to be evil if people are just following their true natures. Why not? Certainly perhaps the Men in Charge characters sometimes do. For instance, in “Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio,” Didier mentors a trainee engineer at Jamie the Engineer’s expense. And in “Heaving Bosoms,” the Crone at last gives birth, and Grantley Ridgely, not a midwife, is made to act as a midwife. Finally, in “Johnny Hambone, Library Bouncer,” Johnny accepts a work release assignment to protect Big Nell from vengeful suburban women. He’ll use up whatever of his true nature 19th century German Romantic philosophers have allowed him to keep…  

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