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Season 9, Episode 14: Objet d'Eric

In this episode, Tony quickly dispenses with the title, “Objet d’Eric,” and lurches off in an unprecedented rant about shame-shaming and the idiotic “Who’s to say…?” question, until Kevin presses hard with his strangely soft philosopher hands to bring Tony down from his sputtering summit. With a deft segue, they then move into the episode’s segments. First, “Spic and Spandits 2”: Chloë and Madison go on tour with their redecorating banditry but bang into the long, hairy arm of Johnny Law. Next, there’s a commercial for “Kent Jennings’ Puzzle Grubs,” a handy solution to the problem of jigsaw puzzles further ruining an already ruined beach vacation. Finally, we return after many years to “Wine tasting with Men in Charge,” but it’s moved to the Next Generation—and this time the bad idea is Kevin’s. Is he ashamed? You bet he is.  

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