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Season 9, Episode 24: If You Don't Like it, Storm the Capitol!

In this episode, Tony and Kevin explain why it’s so important to storm the Capitol if you object to, well, to Reality. Petulance fueled by hallucination can be the New Patriotism if we’re willing to be idiots. Moving to the episode’s sketches, in “Unclogging the Spam Filter 14,” we delve deep into Kevin’s past to find out why his mother had to abandon him when he didn’t past a swimming test. Next, in “What’s New with You?” Roger Basement interviews a man who dabbles in Child Psychology—to no avail—what we might have learned from the pandemic. Finally, in “Little Debbie,” we go to a supermarket and listen in on an assault by a violent box of sugary carbohydrates. We are all the Capitol being stormed, apparently…


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