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Season 9, Episode 26: Rocket to the Future! Part One, Chapter 10: Discount Doomsday Weapons on Mars!

Chapter 10 takes its succession number seriously, following upon Chapter 9 almost too closely. On Phobos and Deimos respectively, the abandoned Eugene 2000 and Lt. Schickelgruber argue about which one of them is the more marooned. Then, in a dusty Martian diner, Commander Train, with and Ensign Zinn debate with Sammy Kahlua (Martian wet nurse) about the treacheries of ethics and cuisine in a tug of war over a duffel bag full of doomsday weapons. Finally, on board a stolen landing craft, Cadet Trepanier, ex-Ensign Nemesis, and Lt. jg. Lindley struggle over communication problems that should be taken to HR. Meanwhile, on board the Vanguard, Captain Major and Cadet Billy watch as the previously liquified Captain Casey begins to gel into semi-human form. And new sponsors? Yes. Open your wallets here for “Atomic Jelly Bags” and “Gritty Rainbow Gasoline”!  

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