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Season 10, Episode 1: Thinning the Herd!

This first episode of the season starts with ontological questions: What does it mean to be “Kevin”? Can anyone be Kevin, even Scott? Naturally, they get all the answers they deserve. Meanwhile, Tony and Kevin are out of the Sewer and the Earthen Bunker, where they were quarantined, shivering in the chill until the swine flu pandemic provisionally faded. We say “provisionally” because Americans are “thinning the herd” by flinching from the scary, scary vaccines. Well, more food for the rest of us! There’s lots of herd-thinning too in “Auditioning for Men in Charge,” which takes you behind the scenes as hopeful actors audition for a mere walk-on radio part. Next, “Bad Nancy Drew” (4!) returns: upon their release from prison, Aunt Sally and Gordon Holly plot revenge against Bitsy and Francine! Then, unaccountably, another game show, “Three Truths and a Lie,” in which a difficult contestant exploits the emotional fragility of the host, thinning the herd of hosts!

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