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Season 10, Episode 13: A Long and Distinguished Line of Bastards

Bastardy as genealogy is an ill-understood topic that Kevin and Tony make murkier. But as they forget to quote Edmund in King Lear, “Now, gods, stand up for bastards!” But they tie the title nimbly into the succession of segments. First, Mr. Skids returns in his usual early morning comatose state to “save the congregation.”  As he dozes alcoholically on the church steps of a Sunday morning, the Army of the Faithful stands ready to trample him to death on their way to worship. Will he hold them back by force of lassitude?  We’ll see… Next, there’s a commercial/exposé on “The Invermectin Roundup,” because who needs a vaccine when you can get a dangerous and ineffective deworming substitute? Plus, Ivermectin brings our people’s inner bovinity. Finally, a return of the underemployed mafioso, in “Aidan and Largo Seek Counseling.” Our hairy-knuckled heroes find themselves with a free morning and les âmes malheureuses, and so seek a single session of free counseling to feel good about arson again. Bastards? Yes, because they learned their trade in the Orphanage.

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