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Season 10, Episode 12: When a Groin Sprain Used to Mean Something!

Tony and Kevin fret about how people today, especially Kevin’s family, just don’t care about groin sprains, especially Kevin’s, the way folks used to back in the day and ought to now, consarn it! But then, excitement builds with part deux of Emily Wellingtonford’s encounter with the “Edmonton Chanteuse,” Betty Ann Rutherfordford (if that is her real name), whose voice includes something uncannily canny. Next, a work by a new writer (listen to the credits for who it is), “The Noble Gases Committee.” What happens when inert gases get together to discuss new members? The usual sniping and clubby shunning, of course. Finally, we go to Hog Bristle, Texas, for “Hogs of Justice.” And yes, it’s about That Topic. Be assured, though, that this North Korea style surveillance & bounty law gets a good dope slapping. Of course, what it really needs is a good old-fashioned groin sprain.

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