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Zan Agzigian

Soundspace Host

Zan Agzigian is the Community Producer and Host of Soundspace. She has been with Spokane Public Radio since January 2014. Her passions are poetry, the environment, and alternative healing. Zan describes her careers as “a kitchen sink” explaining that she’s worked in a donut shop, bread delivery, public relations, as a bakery manager, a shuttle van driver, a bartender, an office manager, an arts advocate, a counselor, a fraud investigator, and a poet who absolutely loves music of many kinds.

Growing up in a musical family, Zan played the flute and piano and her brothers played the guitar. They exposed her to great music of many kinds and her parents took her to outdoor concerts in Philly growing up. She interned all through high school for the Philly rock station, WMMR, and remains curious about new sounds.

Zan’s goal is to explore and discover these new sounds, offbeat lyrics, spoken word and arrangements and expose a variety of generations to old and new that we rarely get to hear on the air in this region. She hopes to inspire via music from all over.

Click on Soundspace below to get playlist information.

  • Soundspace Interview (originally aired November 27, 2022) with Film, TV, Stage and Dance Composer/Solo Pianist Eric Allaman, speaking with Zan about his journey, his passions, and his second solo piano album, What We Whispered, with sample tracks.
  • Join Zan as she speaks with Ali on the phone from her New England stop over in the middle of her tour! She'll speak about her new album, "Til It's Gone," and her musical journey with sample tracks.
  • Join Zan for a phone interview (originally aired October 2nd, 2022) with regional multi-instrumentalist, interpreter of vintage music, and singer-songwriter-composer Brad Keeler as we speak about his latest album River of Highway, with sample tracks.
  • Join Zan as she has a phone interview with South Australian multi-instrumentalist Matt Davis aka Mode Shifter. They will be talking about Matt's new EP, Sunsets and Bruisers, and what inspires and motivates him as a musician and producer.
  • Join Zan in a phone interview (originally aired on Soundspace on September 4, 2022) with renowned native American flute player, composer, educator, lecturer, and collaborator, Navajo-Ute musician, R. Carlos Nakai
  • Join Zan as she interviews New Orleans-based singer songwriter Andrew Duhon speaking about his connection to the INW, his new album Emerald Blue with sample tracks.
  • Join Zan as she speaks with 1st Call session musician, rock guitarist, rock n' roll hall of fame inductee (with the Doobie Brothers), and overall "genius," Jeff Baxter, by phone about his life, his inspirations, what jazzes him up, and about his solo album release, "Speed of Heat," with sample tracks.(This interview originally aired July 31, 2022)
  • Zan and Ani dive deep into important topics about our times, and how to survive them.
  • Soundspace Interview with Dario Re, PNW musician, singer/songwriter, band leader, teacher, and urban gardener
  • Soundspace Interview with AMILCAR