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Season 10, Episode 5: Let's Get That Chip into Your Head now!

Brian Lindsey—yes, The Brian Lindsey—returns this week for another hard-hitting interview, in which Kevin and Tony ask him which Men in Charge segments he’s enjoyed most over the years, and who’s taller. He anticipates enjoying the first segment, when we hear the orders from corporate about Men in Charge “Tattoo Guidelines,” and how Kevin needs a chip in his head, not just in his arm from the vaccine. Next, Tony and Kevin air “Failed Narrations,” which by definition weren’t supposed to be aired but now, unaccountably, they are. Thirdly, you’ll hear the first of what should be many in a series, “Hamster Sheetcakes,” in which we meet an enterprising entrepreneur (same word, actually!), as well as some hamsters with very fine fine motor skills. Lastly, Roger Basement interviews a sad sack of a less entrepreneurial business owner, with “Discount Landscaping.” Learn how cruel and capricious Nature can be as you adjust to the new chip in your head!

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