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Season 10, Episode 6: Why Animals Commit Murder

Tony and Kevin complain, as a couple of older white guys always do, complain about other species get away with stuff regular humans like them can’t. Why do animals commit murder? Why do they so often die at each other’s teeth and claws? Why do they even attack humans just for invading their habitat and poking at them? The answer may well be clear, Listener. After a cheap segue to unrelated segments, we have a new “Adventures of SkyHighMan” (#7!), in which our Dog Food heir, Wendel (Wendy) Henderson goes after a criminal mastermind named The Overthinker, because that’s all their parents could come up with. Next, we have a commercial for “Thoughts and Prayers Legal Services.” With all the killings, this sponsor is making a killing! And yes, that’s in very bad taste! Finally, we return to “Johnny Hambone, Library Bouncer: Podcast from the Hammock” (#6!), in which Johnny, still on work release to help his former cellmate, Big Nell, in her struggle against the extortionate white suburban moms’ syndicate. Listen for the helicopters…

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