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Season 10, Episode 9 You've Smelled Our T-shirts, Now Buy Our Cologne!

In this episode we learn that by winning the minority vote, writer Ann Porter imposed that terrible title upon us. (But Kevin and Tony still want you to buy Men in Charge cologne…) They soon leave this lamentable topic and move on to “European Complainers Society 2,” in which the absent virtues of pork products are discussed in a complaining tone, as is Teddy Roosevelt. After that, we move to the fifth (5th) segment of the series, “A Man Called Bamby.” Our heroes voice-over characters Michael and Amber remain trapped in the bar (they’re only voice overs, after all), and Mr. Giuliani, mob boss and hair-dye fetishist, threateningly appears. Finally, the show introduces a new, prequel series: “Bruno Calamari, Norwegian Political Operative!” How did Sheriff Coors become Sheriff Coors? And why are zip ties so darned hard to use? This new series begins to partially answer those questions…

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