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Season 10, Episode 10: One Day We'll be Self-Published!

In this episode, Tony and Kevin discuss the need to cover themselves with glory, because no one else will. To forward that effort, the show starts with “The Men in Charge Talent Search,” a shabby effort to lure the local populace into working for Men in Charge for free, after they’ve paid their “audition fees” into the MiC vanity press account. Next, our hosts give us a sort of homage to film director Roger Corman, who may be alive (or not (check your Schrödinger’s box to be sure!)) in a radio drama called “Strike, Cassowary! Kill! Kill!,” about an avian/human love affair and white guys who like to shoot things. After that, we have a visit with Nana June, a farmer who cooks up devastating sound effects to punish her irritating engineer. Finally, Kevin and Tony are musically audited by “Moragh van der Werff, Professional Radio Comedy Sketch Show Music Consultant,” who wants to set our hosts straight on how pathetically injudicious their interstitial music choices have been for years now. A talent search is clearly in order…  

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