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Season 10, Episode 11: You Go to War with the Pants You Have

In this long-awaited “pants” episode, Kevin and Tony use the late Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s dim-witted remark to a soldier as way of addressing the similarly dim-witted remarks of those who are against pants mandates in this country. Matching that foolishness are this weeks segments. First, Emily Wellingtonford (chapter 9!) wishes to bring Edmonton nightlife to Coronach, while Archie, her lover/captive, flees into November night. Next, Roger Basement interviews Father Blemish, an unfrocked priest, who reviews (harshly) his clerical colleagues' pulpitry, and finally, on Pox & Phlegm, Marjorie Taylor Greene reappears to upbraid former V.P. Mike Pence for his failure to be hanged on January 6th. Well, you go to an insurrection with the V.P. you have, right?

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