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Men in Charge Season 11, Episode 13: Cheerleaders for Coroners' Office Reform

We quickly learn why Coroner’s office reform, long sought by Coroner’s Office reformers like Kevin, is best performed by cheerleaders: young men in skirts, even if Tony and Kevin get laughed out of the Coroner’s office yet again. But no one is getting laughed out of this episode, which features 1) “Pox & Phlegm 9,” with Justice Samuel Alito, who explains to the ultra-White hosts why privacy for Americans isn’t important anymore. Just stay out of his browser history… Next, we have “Golf Announcer Reed Paar Announces a Baseball Game,” even though Reed knows nothing about the game and is especially puzzled by all the spitting. Finally, it’s the final (11th!) segment of “RV Rapture,” in which Fred and Margaret stop for some gas station poutine to give to their dog, Bitsy, after she ate Mr. Cuddles, the Demon Gerbil. They’ll be cheering at the Coroner’s office for sure after all this!

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Kevin Decker, Professor of Philosophy, was left holding the bag when Tony Flinn recently retired from Eastern Washington University. That bag was full of cats. At first, he thought they were cute, but then they woke up and started mauling him. It turned out that the cats were mountain lion cubs, often referred to incorrectly as “cougars.” One had rabies. From his now-permanent hospital bed, Kevin writes for and co-produces “Men in Charge,” the title of which may or may not be ironic
Tony Flinn, known around the model railroad track in his basement as “Professor of English, Emeritus,” recently retired from Eastern Washington University to age in place, like an old car up on blocks in the barn, convenient for climbing behind the wheel and saying “Vroom! Vroom!” He and his co-host and co-producer, Kevin Decker, have been writing and performing in “Men in Charge” since probably 2014, or even earlier, depending on whether you’re using the Julian or Gregorian calendar.