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Season 9, Episode 18: Empty Your Wallet Here!

In what it is a partially money-themed episode, Tony and Kevin first explain where the many “heres” are wherein listeners can empty their wallets. Then, in the first segment, “Bingo Night at the Kushners,” Ivanka and Jared Kushner try to recover some of their social and economic capital by holding a bingo night for their new neighbors in Lower Heights. Next, in a new “Unclogging the Spam Filter,” Kevin and Tony try yet again to coax a large sum of money from another nice British widow who contacted them and so many others on her robo-email list. Finally, in “36-Hour Cable News,” we learn how much more news there can be when time is stopped for an extra twelve hours a day. Apparently, there’s just a lot of waiting around, with little to do but to empty your wallets, here.

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