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School Board Says No To Downtown Site, Chooses Albi

The Spokane School Board has decided to move ahead with building a new high school sports facility at the current Albi Stadium site. The board voted Wednesday night after hearing a proposal to build a football and soccer field inside a new downtown indoor sports complex.

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SPR and N3

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December Membership Drawing: Disney's The Lion King

This month SPR will be giving away two ticket packages to Disney's The Lion King presented by STCU Best of Broadway and WestCoast Entertainment .

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Oregonians will decide this fall whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Measure 91 would allow adults in Oregon to grow, possess, and sell marijuana under state regulation.

Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

Railroad officials say they want to eliminate a bottleneck for rail traffic in the Inland Northwest. They have plans to build a second railway bridge in Northern Idaho. Scenic Sandpoint, Idaho is situated adjacent to Lake Pend Oreille. Currently there is one railroad bridge crossing the lake and heading into Sandpoint, but BNSF says the time has come to build a second adjacent bridge.

Gus Melonas: “We're looking at fifty trains a day and they funnel through this area on the bridge, and if there is an issue with this bridge, that means trains back up in both directions.”

In a manner of speaking, millions of dollars of "drug money" is starting to flow into Washington state coffers.

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The US House gave a shout-out for Washington Congressman Dave Reichert this week - literally, a shout-out. Reichert, a west-side Republican and former county sheriff, wrote a bill to prohibit government welfare cards for being used to buy marijuana. Supporters called it the "no welfare for weed" bill.

Treatment Center
Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times

The man known as Spokane's notorious South Hill Rapist has struck out again in his latest bid to go free. Kevin Coe, now 67 years old, is locked up indefinitely at Washington State's McNeil Island facility for sex criminals.

The latest reading on unemployment in Washington state shows the rate holding steady in August at 5.6 percent. That's half a percentage point below the national rate according to a report from Washington's employment department Wednesday.

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Idahoans will have a chance to weigh in on the state's controversial ban on same-sex marriages in a special statewide panel discussion sponsored by the University of Idaho. The televised debate Wednesday afternoon will feature lawyers on both sides of the contentious issue - two attorneys for same-sex couples who sued last year to overturn Idaho's law against same-sex marriages, and Governor Butch Otter's lawyer who argued to uphold the ban.

WSU Plans Med School While UW Highlights Flaws

Sep 17, 2014
Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio

Washington State University leaders announced plans Wednesday for a medical school in Spokane. School leaders approved the idea last week, which has the University of Washington on edge about its own Spokane program.

STCU / https://stcu.org/smartchip.html

In light of security hacks at major retailers this year, local organizations have ramped up efforts to protect citizens. Among them, Spokane’s largest credit union will order ‘smart’ credit-cards for members. Over the next year STCU will roll out more than 62,000 credit cards with a special micro-chip.

After some major financial problems, the board of directors at Interplayers is merging operations with the Lake City Playhouse of Coeur d’Alene. The merger, announced Monday, gives operational control of Interplayers to Lake City. The playhouse’s artistic director George Green will oversee both companies.