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KPBX: Friday 6:30pm-7pm | KSFC: Saturday 1pm-1:30pm

The program began mid-1999, as KSFC started establishing itself as a separate news and information service. As KSFC as matured, so has Movies 101. The show has also been picked up on KPBX and has a loyal fan base, Friday evenings at 6:30pm.

Movies 101 is produced by Spokane Public Radio Music and Arts Producer, Jim Tevenan.

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Movies 101: "Forgotten Treasures and Hidden Gems"

Aug 28, 2020

Movies 101: "Miss Juneteenth," "7500" and "Rewind"

Jul 3, 2020

Movies 101: “Da 5 Bloods” and "Shirley."

Jun 19, 2020

Movies 101: "Love, In Many Forms"

May 28, 2020

Movies 101: Held Captive

May 21, 2020

Movies 101: Streaming Quartet

May 14, 2020

Movies 101: Dark and Streamy

May 7, 2020

Movies 101: Changing Times for Movie Lovers

May 1, 2020

Movies 101: Films That Changed How We See Cinema

Mar 13, 2020

Movies 101: "The Invisible Man" and "Seberg"

Mar 6, 2020

Dan Webster, Mary Pat Threuthart and Nathan Weinbender assess a new and timely film about power and misbehavior in the entertainment industry, The Assistant. They also preview some key films that are part of this year's Spokane International Film Festival, with special attantion to the outdoor adventure documentary,
Super Frenchie. Intermission music is from Howard Shore's music to The Score.

Movies 101: "The Wolf House" and "Downhill"

Feb 21, 2020
Movies 101
Spokane Public Radio

Movies 101: "Birds of Prey" and Film Festivals!

Feb 14, 2020
Movies 101
Spokane Public Radio

Movies 101
Spokane Public Radio

Movies 101: "1917," "A Hidden Life" and "The Two Popes"

Jan 17, 2020
Movies 101
Spokane Public Radio